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Stay Tuned…Exciting Changes!

Stay tuned!  This blog has been dormant for a couple years but I am excited to announce that it will be brought back to life and made even better!  The yummy, healthy recipes will remain (and hopefully increase) but new … Continue reading

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Scrumptious Snickerdoodles (*gluten-free/*egg-free/*dairy-free)

There are few better things than finding an easy, healthy, kid-friendly cookie recipe.  In a quest to cut out gluten in my diet (as much as possible) and to provide refined sugar-free treats for my kids, I stumbled upon a … Continue reading

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Amazing Raw Cookie Dough Bites

This has to be one of the easiest, tastiest, healthiest, most awesome treats I have made yet.  I am so excited to share it with you because it will satisfy just about any craving you have that you thought couldn’t … Continue reading

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Guacamole – 5 Minutes – 5 Ingredients!

Avocados, oh how I love thee.  I have been somewhat enamored with this fruit…yes, it is a fruit…for just a short while as I was just introduced to this wonderful piece of deliciousness in the past year or so.  It … Continue reading

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Healthy Hot Chocolate? Yes!

As we all know, and as we all fondly remember…hot chocolate comes in a paper packet full of powder, right?  You know, the powder full of artificial flavors, hydrogenated oil and high fructose corn syrup.  We would just heat up … Continue reading

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I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for….Mint Chocolate Chip “Ice Cream!”

I can hardly believe it myself.  If it weren’t for a Vitamix demo at a local Whole Foods Market, I would not have believed it — or even tried the recipe.  To me, it would have been way too “out … Continue reading

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Sensational Strawberry Soup

This is simply amazing.  Amazing because it is so yummy yet so healthy and so simple to make.  It is so refreshing that I can’t wait to get more strawberries so I can make more!  It is strawberry picking time … Continue reading

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

I never get tired of new smoothie combinations. And I never get tired of chocolate.  Or peanut butter.  For those reasons alone, I love this smoothie!  The great thing about smoothies is that the measurements do not have to be … Continue reading

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Honey Almond Cookies – Gluten-Free!

These aren’t the prettiest cookies you will ever make.  They may not even be the tastiest.  I am okay with saying that.  My goal was to make cookies that were free of refined sugars, free of gluten, used coconut oil … Continue reading

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Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Fudge

Admit it.  It’s OK.  Don’t hold back. “I LOVE CHOCOLATE!”  Phew.  I feel better now that I got that off my chest.  How do you feel? It is always good to just let it out.  No sense holding it in … Continue reading

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